Welcome to SNUBH

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
that leads the innovation of the medical
paradigm and advances future medical care.

President & CEO Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Song, Junghan

This is SNUBH, leading the innovation in medical paradigm and bringing the future medical service forward

Through the development of the world’s best hi-tech medical service and public health, we will pour all-out efforts into promoting public health and enhancing the quality of life.

SNUBH has shown impressive growth under its founding philosophy of “enabling humans to enjoy a healthy and happy life through the world’s best training, research, and medical service.” It is recognized by the people of Korea as the nation’s leading central hospital.

Since the opening of the hospital, we have been constantly thinking about improving public health and welfare, realizing continuous developments despite the difficult circumstances such as improving the examination system to provide the best medical services and creating an environment that puts patient and customer convenience first.

In addition, to reinforce further the original function of public health, we have established the Healthcare Innovation Park, a hospital-led convergence research complex, for the first time in Korea. As a result, we have created a research environment for studying future medical science where we can support the entire life cycle of healthcare R&D from basic experiments to commercialization.

SNUBH promises to continue to be a hospital that takes the lead in pioneering a new era of future medical service in Korea in the industry, academe, and local communities as well as improving the quality of medical services so that we can repay patients and customers for their trust with the best treatment.

Thank you for your warm affection and trust, and we will always strive to become the SNUBH that keeps creating a bright, healthy society. Thank you.