International Healthcare Center

International Healthcare Center is a dedicated full-service and multilingual office that
helps international patients access the best medical care at SNUBH

External Affairs

Global Collaborations

SNUBH continues to develop collaborative networks with international institutions and to share our knowledge and experience to improve quality and safety in health care around the world. Hospital benchmarking program in SNUBH is provided for medical services, medical ICT, hospital logistics, and other aspects of hospital operation system. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact the Office of External Affairs of SNUBH.

Education team

Observational/Fellowship Training Program

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital welcomes international scholars who wish to participate in SNUBH's Observational/Fellowship Training program. Please submit your documents to the Office of Education & Training via email and request for approval. Important Announcement: Due to the global widespread of COVID-19, all international training programs are temporarily closed until further notice.